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Sevenoaks, Dartford & Gravesham Liberal Democrats

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Volunteer Roles

What's Involved?

The Liberal Democrats are very reliant on their active members and supporters. We know that many are keen to do more but are sometimes unsure what is involved and whether they have the relevant skills and experience. If that is you, this table may help. However, if you are keen to help, we can support you to make a success of any role.




Desirable Skills/ Experiences

Time Commitment


(We need as many people as possible to help organise and run our campaigns. There are some specific roles listed separately but there are also vacancies for anyone with good ideas and the keenness to see these through. For more details, this link takes you to the campaigns team.)

Leaflet, Survey, Poster Design Leaflets, Surveys and Posters all need to be designed, before being checked and tweaked with campaign teams. We aim to produce eye-catching, clear, honest but memorable designs. The campaigns team can tell you more. If you have the skills to produce any of these, you will be welcome. The normal software used by the party is Affinity, which makes the sharing and adaptation of material more straightforward, but familiarity with other design packages is also fine. Online party training on Affinity is available. As with all design packages, as much time as you are prepared to give!
Area Campaign Coordination Managing teams of volunteer deliverers in your local area and feeding information on local issues to campaign teams. Contact our campaign team to find out more. Good local knowledge and organisational skills. A few hours a month (more in the run-up to elections)
Door-to-door Canvassers Talking and listening to local people can seem daunting but this is how we find out what concerns voters. Showing we listen and then act on what they say is how we win. We canvass in groups and you can start by tagging along with an experienced campaigner. The so-called 'knock-and-drop survey' is a gentle way to start. Contact our campaign team to find out more. Interest and willingness to try it. A canvass session typically lasts 2 hours or a bit longer. They can be local or further afield and group canvassing often finishes with a bit of social time.
Telephone Canvassers We have lists of members, supporters, volunteers, loyal voters for us, those who always vote, those we need to persuade. If you are less able to knock on doors, this is another good way to help build our vote and keep our members in touch. Contact our campaign team or our membership team for more details. Interest and willingness to try it. This can be done from your home, whenever suits you, though our group phone banks allow you to ring alongside other people or at least at the same time.
Stakeboard Organisation In our active wards, we aim to make a splash during elections. Our brightly-coloured posters and banners are seen on stakes in gardens and on fences. Someone needs to ensure we always have sufficient boards in good condition, to store them and to deliver them (and often put them up). This also involves co-ordination with the campaigns team. Lots of hammer and mallet work: great for easing frustrations. Irregular work, but with a buzz of activity in the run-up to elections.
Poster/ Stakeboard Sites We are always looking to identify more sites for window posters, stakeboards and banners. This involves talking to members and likely voters, recording the information on our secure system (Connect) and informing the campaign team of what they need to order. Good organisational skills. Busy during elections but otherwise an hor or two a month. Training will be provided on how to use Connect to enter the data.


Candidates Lib Dems stand for parliament, county councils, district councils, town and parish councils. There are always openings for new candidates, whether you want to fight a vigorous campaign in a winnable seat or keep the flag flying in a less-likely area. Send a message to our candidates team to find out more. Naturally, you will support our aims and relevant policies. Previous experience of standing in any election is not necessary to be a candidate but it is normal for anyone wishing to become an MP. But if you want to find out more, you can talk to one of our councillors or join a campaign at election time. Just contact our campaigns team. This varies a great deal. A 'paper' candidate may need only to complete the local council election paperwork but other candidates will be involved in election teams, meeting voters, delivering leaflets. For parliamentary seats, much more is involved. If you are elected, the commitment obviously increases.
Candidate Selection Panels We use a variety of panels to select different sorts of candidates. The chairs usually need some online training and training is available for all members of panels if they wish. These are important roles, to ensure that potential candidates are suitable, support Liberal Democrat principles and fully represent a diverse country and party. If you are interested, contact our candidates team. Good team-working skills. Good and alert listener. Supportive manner. Good understanding of what the party stands for. For local elections,a few hours per seat: each candidate's application form and cv need to be read carefully. For most applicants, a panel meeting (usually online) will discuss applications. For target seats, there will also be an online meeting with the candidate(s). For parliamentary seats, the process is similar but more elaborate.

Media and Public Engagement

Media Management To get our party a higher profile, by encouraging activists to tell their stories, helping with their production and building our links with local media. Contact our campaigns team for more details. Persuasive person with a good eye for positive stories. A few hours a month (or more often in peak campaign times).
News Writing Writing the sorts of news stories that catch the eye of traditional and social media. Details from the campaigns team. Good writing skills and an ability to write compellingly and persuasively. A few hours a month (or more often in peak campaign times).
Social Media Team One or more roles to co-ordinate and develop our presence across social media (currently Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Details from the campaigns team. Knowledge of how to use these platforms. Some of the team should be able to gather and intepret data for use in targeting. Very variable, but more during peak campaign and election periods.

Organisation and Office

Leaflet Deliveries If you can deliver just your street, your immediate area or a larger patch, then please join our band of deliverers. However experienced we are, there are always new types and positions of letterboxes to discover :( 1-2 hours per round
Leaflet Distribution Coordination Bundling the right numbers of leaflets, perhaps printing the round maps and distributing the bundles to our deliverers. Organisation. A few hours per leaflet cycle
Councillor Support Supporting the Campaign Manager in providing office, administrative and diary management for our growing team of local councillors. Contact our councillors for more details. Good organisational or communication skills Regular but flexible, from an hour a week


Fund-Raisers Join our team who try to find new and ingenious ways to raise money to finance our growing ambitions, whether through social media, the phone or other activities. The range of different roles require people with varied skills. Just contact our events team for more details. Varied
Social Events Team Members The people who run our range of social (and fund-raising) events are always keen to get more ideas on activities and to get more volunteers to help with all aspects of the organisation of these events. Varied. Varied


Membership Record-Keeping As our membership rises and our activities increase, we need to record what people are doing and to keep details up-to-date. We can do this on the party membership database, Lighthouse. Training can be provided on the use of Lighthouse and the data protection requirements. For all enquiries, contact our membership team. A watching brief on Lighthouse requires a few minutes every few days. Updating the records and making sure the right people know the right information may take perhaps an hour a week.
Volunteer Management Including talking to members, encouraging them to try new activities, co-ordination of some activities, responding to requests for specific training and identifying useful training from the various party bodies. The tasks here could be shared by a number of people. Good organisation and communication skills. Flexible. The team to talk to is membership.
Diversity Development Our local party needs to do much more to reflect the diversity of our area. If you would like to help with any aspect of this work, please discuss with the membership team. Awareness of the range of diversity needs the party has and of the social composition of your local area. Varied.
New Member Engagement Calling and/ or writing to new members, to inform them of the work of the party and how they will be able to contribute if they wish. Contact membership for details. Good inter-personal skills. 1-2 hours a week.
Isolated Members Contacts Particularly with the impact of the pandemic, we are aware that we are not in close contact with all our members, particularly those without internet access, those who are shielding, living alone or with limited mobility. We want to do more to keep them informed about the party and just to keep in touch with members who may need our support. Our membership team can tell you more. Good inter-personal skills. 1-2 hours a week.
New Member Recruitment There are two aspects to this role. One is to talk to existing activists and to use the Connect system to identify people who might be open to joining the party. The other is to talk to potential members on the doorstep or by phone. There is the opportunity for a group of people to share this role. Why not discuss this with our membership team? Good organisational and inter-personal skills. Perhaps 2-3 hours per week.
Newsletter Creation and Distribution We want to give members and registered supporters a regular update on what the party is doing. Except for those without internet access, this will take the form of an appealing, web-based newsletter. We need people to collate the information and design the newsletter. Our membership or campaigns teams can tell you more. Persistence in getting information from those in the know. Ability to design and write an interesting newsletter. Several hours per newsletter.