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Richard Streatfeild for Sevenoaks

How do you do?
How can I help you?
I am asking because I would like to help make your lives better as your representative on Kent County Council from next May. Hard choices are being made now; harder ones lie ahead.
So, I'm keen to understand what local issues concern you, your family, your livelihood, your health and our children's education.
I want to work WITH YOU to fight for what you want and believe.

Whether it's the lack of local testing in our fight against Covid 19, the appalling Special Educational Needs provision within our schools impacting every child, or the lack of action in saving our environment.

Richard Streatfeild at the Vine (Richard Streatfeild)

Like many of us, I am so frustrated with today's politics. Those in power do not listen. Many social and educational policies divide us. There is no emphasis on fairness. Together we can change things for the better, but ONLY the Liberal Democrats can achieve this in Sevenoaks. The Liberal Democrats have a strong record of campaigning and achieving at a local level, across the country. We want to work with you - our citizens - to mend broken trust in the government.



For the sake of our young people, to help Sevenoaks achieve zero carbon emissions, make our streets safer and increase green spaces in our Town.


Which ensures everyone with symptoms can get a test and receive results within 24 hours. We must protect our most vulnerable and, at the same time, correct the serious underfunding in social care in Kent.


And address the Special Educational Needs Provision which is so bad it has been placed under special measures. This lack of support impacts every child's education.



The Issues

  • Net Zero poster ()
    Article: Apr 6, 2021
    A strong theme that has evolved from our High Street 'Thinkin' , is the environment.

    From air quality to becoming a zero waste town, it's clear that there is huge energy to tackle the climate emergency properly - with ideas and action, not just targets.

    While we're getting on with the action to make our Town Centre a model for the country, we're holding another event, opening a district-wide conversation to hear YOUR ideas for what more we could do to ensure we:

    'Make Sevenoaks a Net Zero Carbon district by 2030'. Please register to join the next community zoom meeting to share or listen to ideas.

  • Market House Sevenoaks
    Article: Mar 22, 2021
    By Tony Clayton

    The virtual 'ThinkIn' on March 17, on the future of Sevenoaks town centre, drew over 60 people to share ideas. Retailers, caterers, business owners, town residents and nearby villagers joined local and national experts sharing good ideas to make Sevenoaks 'the best market town for the future'.

    • New independent shop, Knobbly Knees in London Road, has shown how Sevenoaks people welcome quality, specialist, retail offers. Owner Amy said town centre pavements need to be better for window shopping, and traffic congestion caused by delivery vehicles must be tackled
    • Roger Lee, who co-wrote Sevenoaks in a Time of Change in 2020, emphasised the importance of social space in our town, to encourage locals to sit, stay and meet, and to draw visitors in
    • Otto's co-founder Jack outlined his aim to be leader in zero waste catering. This could be a USP for Sevenoaks businesses shown by the example - and fame - of towns in other countries
    • Parents called for safer town centre streets, family friendly, where children are protected from speeding traffic and where it is easy to cross from one shop to another
    • People now working from home said they already spend more money in Sevenoaks, and outlined the big opportunity for shops, hospitality and service providers to meet their family and business needs
    • The importance of education to Sevenoaks economy was stressed, with 5,000 plus secondary students in the town every day, with money to spend and able to make a contribution
    • A member of Sevenoaks Business Board called for a vision for how the town will respond to radical change, as more traditional retailing goes online and more people will work locally - either from home or from satellite offices outside London
    • A resident of South Park asked for action on air quality, which makes Sevenoaks High Street less attractive to shop and meet in.
  • Your Town Centre Needs YOU ()
    Article: Mar 9, 2021

    National high streets expert Will Brett will be joining a live virtual "Think In" event on the evening of 17th March, organised by Sevenoaks Liberal Democrats.

    Brett co-authored the recent report Taking Back The High Street: Putting communities in charge of their own town centres with Vidhya Alakeson for the National Lottery Community Fund and Power to Change (available free online), and is a longstanding expert on the creation of thriving local places. Brett was formerly Director of Communications at the influential thinktank the New Economics Foundation.

    He will share his understanding of the opportunities Sevenoaks could take advantage of, and some examples from around the country that we could learn from, at the start of an event designed to hear ideas from local people. Following an event format pioneered by the national news brand Tortoise, Brett will share his ideas before further opening contributions from Victoria Granville Baxter, organiser of the Sevenoaks 2020 photography project with Roger Lee, and members of Sevenoaks business community.

    The event is being organised by Sevenoaks Liberal Democrats, and will be chaired by local member Jon Alexander, who is himself an expert in civic participation and last year delivered the Opening Provocation at the Athens Democracy Forum.

    Richard Streatfeild, who is Liberal Democrat candidate for Sevenoaks Town in the next Kent County Council elections, said "This event is an experiment for us, and something that is only possible in the time of Zoom. While it is being run by the Liberal Democrats, it is not a "political" event - we want to hear from everybody, whether you're intending to vote for me or not! All of us love this town and want to make it better, and that's what this sort of event is all about."

    The workshop will be hosted on Zoom. To register, please email action@sevenoakslibdems.org.uk

  • Liberal Democrat Group on Kent County Council 2017 (Kent Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Mar 3, 2021
    By Rob Bird, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group at Kent County Council

    Covid-19 has highlighted the value of caring for each other. Now we need to care for those most affected by the pandemic and help them recover - NHS staff, care workers, those that care for family members, children with disrupted schooling, people with mental health challenges and many more. At the same time, we will aspire to a better quality of life for all, with clean air and green space that everyone can appreciate.

    Kent County Council needs to help lead this recovery and help make Kent a better place to live for all generations.

    The Liberal Democrats are committed to caring for our community, our environment and for you.

    These are Kent Liberal Democrats' six key priorities for the coming years:

  • Richard Streatfeild's introductory video still
    Article: Feb 16, 2021
    By Richard Streatfeild

    In this video I speak about my top priority - education:

    • Kent currently spends less than the national average on schools. I want Kent to spend more per-child.
    • Kent's needs to improve training and provision for children with special needs
    • The best education shouild be available to every pupil

    I want to be a strong voice for a better Sevenoaks. Please help by completing my survey and telling me what your priorities for Sevenoaks are.

  • Sevenoaks High Street Business Letter 1 (Sevenoaks Lib Dems)
    Article: Feb 11, 2021
    Our survey said you are concerned about the centre of Sevenoaks. Today every business in the town received a letter telling them what ideas we have and asking for their view about what they need.

  • Richard ()
    Article: Jan 23, 2021

    As of Friday 22 January, the government issued new lockdown guidance banning political leafleting by volunteers. Commercial leafleting is allowed, political leafleting is not. The new government guidance will affect the ability of your Sevenoaks Liberal Democrat councillors to provide you with useful information and is a brazen suppression of political debate and important community work.

  • /wp-content/uploads/2011/08/key_campaign_20ispleantyinsoutheast-300x133.jpg
    Article: Jan 19, 2021

    Can you help create safer streets for all our young people to get to school?

    Liberal Democrat councillors backed the 2019 campaign for 20 mph zones round St Johns and Sevenoaks primary schools from the start. We helped with the petition, printed the posters, sent details out in our newsletters, and supported the petition at Council meetings. Now its in place, residents really appreciate safer, quieter, streets too.

    Now we need to make the same protection available to other schools - Lady Boswells and St Thomas' primary schools, plus the secondary schools at Trinity, Weald of Kent, Knole Academy and Sevenoaks School. That's why Richard Streatfeild is backing the plan by local campaigners to include roads from Bradbourne Lakes to Hillingdon Avenue, and the High Street and London Road, in new zones.

    This will tackle the areas where 184 accidents have happened over the last ten years, and over 200 people have been injured. It will also make our Town Centre more attractive and safer to walk around, if traffic moves at a safer pace and shoppers can cross the roads safely.

    This petition has around 1000 signatures already, on paper and online. You can sign today at


    If you'd like to help Richard promote safer streets please contact him at


Get Ready

The KCC Elections are scheduled for May 2021. You can apply for a postal vote in as little as 5 minutes! Click here for details of how to register in the Sevenoaks District. If you live outside the Sevenoaks District, you can register to Vote, or to receive a Postal Vote via this tool hosted by the National Liberal Democrats.

Get Involved