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  • Page: Jan 1, 2021

    Your Town and District Councillors

    Our District and Town Councillors

    Sevenoaks District Wards

    You can find out which ward, county division and parliamentary constituency you live in on this external site, maintained by Ordnance Survey.

    Sevenoaks Young Liberals

    Sevenoaks is part of West Kent Young Liberals. This is the group for young liberals (up to 26) in Sevenoaks, Gravesham, Dartford and parts of Tonbridge and Malling parliamentary constituencies. To find out more, contact us: wkyl@sevenoakslibdems.org.uk.

  • Matt Craven
    Article: Jan 1, 2021
    2020 has been difficult for many, but the challenges we faced showed the strength of our local community. From giving up time to help the most vulnerable, to efforts to plant trees that will benefit Sevenoaks for generations to come, we can be proud of what our community has done this year.
    COVID-19 underlined equalities in our society that many knew were there . It shouldn't have taken Marcus Rashford and a pandemic to remind the government how important it is that schoolchildren have enough to eat.
  • Sarah Olney ()
    Article: Dec 7, 2020
    By Tony Clayton

    Sarah Olney MP, the LibDem Environment spokesman says there are 10 reasons why the #10pointplan doesn't add up.

    • 1.Two-thirds of the money in the Conservative ' Climate Plan is already pledged. Of the £12bn "announced", only £4bn is new.
    • 2. The plan includes new nuclear power stations - more expensive than renewable energy. Nuclear is far higher than the unit cost of renewables, and will take decades to deliver.
    • 3.The £12 billion (sorry, £4 billion) is tiny compared with investment in other countries, such as €42 billion in Germany and €35 billion in France. This sum is nowhere near what we need to spend.
    • 4. Boris claims this plan is part of a highly ambitious COP26 strategy as the hosts of next year's UN climate talks. However, it gets the UK nowhere near the emissions reductions needed to be consistent with Paris Agreement or 1.5C warming.
    • 5. The PM mentions only one nature-based solution in his entire plan - planting trees. Government doesn't understand enough about the biodiversity crisis to invest in the UK's peatlands, wetlands or native woodlands.
    • 6. Despite promising to end petrol and diesel car sales by 2030, this plan will allow hybrids to continue to be sold - keeping fossil fuel cars on the road for at least five more years.
    • 7. There is still no Department of Climate Change to deliver the net zero commitment and no new powers for local authorities who have an important role to play.
    • 8. This plan has ignored the need for net zero newbuild homes, as does the Planning White Paper. Since the Conservatives scrapped the net zero homes legislation in 2016, another one million homes have been built which will need to be upgraded.
    • 9. The Conservatives scrapped previous Liberal Democrat work on Carbon Capture and Storage only to come back to it now. They have wasted the last five years.
    • 10. Extending the Green Homes Grant for one year, doesn't give the construction industry the incentive it needs to build the skills needed to deliver home upgrades at scale. Conservatives don't understand green jobs.
  • Richard Streatfeild's introductory video still
    Article: Dec 6, 2020
    By Richard Streatfeild

    In this video I speak about the environment. We are in a climate crisis, and Kent County Council is not doing enough to tackle it.

    • Our homes need to be cleaner and greener
    • Our Highways Policy needs to encourage safe and enjoyable walking and cycling wherever possible
    • Sevenoaks needs electric buses, electric charging points, electric bikes
  • Richard Streatfeild's introductory video still
    Article: Nov 26, 2020
    By Richard Streatfeild

    In this video I speak about Covid and Care Homes in Sevenoaks:

    • Only one third of had the resources they needed to fight the Covid pandemic.
    • Hospitals and Care Homes need to be better coordinated going forward.
    • Hard Decisions have been taken. Harder decisions will lie ahead of us.

    I want to be a strong voice for a better Sevenoaks. Please help by completing my survey and telling me what your priorities for Sevenoaks are.

  • Richard Streatfeild's introductory video still
    Article: Nov 22, 2020
    By Richard Streatfeild

    In this introductary video I speak about my priorities for Sevenoaks:

    • Our children: Kent currently spends less than the national average on schools. I want Kent to spend more per-child.
    • Our carehomes: care for the vulnerable has to be better
    • Our streets: we have to make Sevnenoaks cleaner and greener, safer for children, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Article: Oct 27, 2020

    The Government's White Paper is designed to bulldoze the planning system - a system that has been incrementally evolving since its inception in 1947. In our response to the White Paper, Sevenoaks Liberal Democrats highlighted our concerns in the following areas:

    • Setting artificial deadlines for Local Plans and decisions will put undue pressure on decision makers. Many of the consequences of planning decisions taken today will be with us for a century or more. It is essential that decision-takers are permitted sufficient time to properly consider applications and local plans.
    • The new "standard method" of calculating housebuilding targets appears to ignore local constraints on land for building. Over 90% of Sevenoaks District is currently within the Green Belt. It will not be possible to meet these significant increases to targets without removing protection from and building on significant areas across the district.
    • Allowing any development to proceed in specific areas so long as it conforms to low-level planning guidelines without reby minimising local planning oversight would reverse devolution and undermine local democracy. Why ignore local knowledge?
    • The proposal to fast-track"beautiful" development is a can-of-worms best left unopened. What might be a beautiful addition to a Stratford or Swindon street-scene might seem pretentious or monstrous in Sevenoaks Town or District. This "one size fits all" approach to beauty will not work.
    • Developers need to be obliged to pay a fair share of the wider costs resulting from their developments. Furthermore, the financial benefits of changes to land use should be shared by local communities. Payments toward infrastructure should continue to be made before they have to be spent - local councils should not be obliged to shoulder the risk of private developers without any of the reward.
    • Future developments in Sevenoaks District need to minimise reliance on cars, maximise green open space, and ensure adequate provision of affordable housing.
  • Gareth Willis
    Article: Sep 10, 2020
    By Gareth Willis

    Government should make laws, not break laws.

    In Parliament Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis admitted that planned Northern Ireland customs legislation "does break international law". A Conservative Government ready to break international law shows how its moral standards, and common sense, have vanished under Boris Johnson. Tearing up the UK's proud history of promoting the rule of law is destroying our reputation on the world stage. It shreds our ability to promote British values of rule of law and justice in the world.