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Recent news and updates

  • Event: Nov 26, 2020 7:45 PM - 9:15 PM
    By Zoom

    The Executive of the Sevenoaks, Dartford and Gravesham Liberal Democrats will be on Zoom on Thursday. Ordinary members are able to attend and observe. If you wish to do so, apply for the log-in details by emailing info@sevenoakslibdems.org.uk.

  • Richard Streatfeild's introductory video still
    Article: Nov 22, 2020
    By Richard Streatfeild

    In this introductary video I speak about my priorities for Sevenoaks:

    • Our children: Kent currently spends less than the national average on schools. I want Kent to spend more per-child.
    • Our carehomes: care for the vulnerable has to be better
    • Our streets: we have to make Sevnenoaks cleaner and greener, safer for children, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • You're Fired ()
    Article: Nov 7, 2020
    By Tony Clayton

    He's spent four years pretending to be President of the USA

    How long can he pretend he's won the election for the next four?

  • Is He Gone Yet
    Article: Nov 6, 2020
    By Tony Clayton

    Trump's desperate efforts to stay in office, sowing distrust in the democratic system, are bad for all of us. Populist nationalism combined with attacks on the democratic process - smearing opponents, stoking prejudice and disregarding the truth - have truly terrible precedents in history.

    Our politicians, of all parties, should be standing up for the values which we share with liberal democracies across the world.

  • Article: Oct 27, 2020

    The Government's White Paper is designed to bulldoze the planning system - a system that has been incrementally evolving since its inception in 1947. In our response to the White Paper, Sevenoaks Liberal Democrats highlighted our concerns in the following areas:

    • Setting artificial deadlines for Local Plans and decisions will put undue pressure on decision makers. Many of the consequences of planning decisions taken today will be with us for a century or more. It is essential that decision-takers are permitted sufficient time to properly consider applications and local plans.
    • The new "standard method" of calculating housebuilding targets appears to ignore local constraints on land for building. Over 90% of Sevenoaks District is currently within the Green Belt. It will not be possible to meet these significant increases to targets without removing protection from and building on significant areas across the district.
    • Allowing any development to proceed in specific areas so long as it conforms to low-level planning guidelines without reby minimising local planning oversight would reverse devolution and undermine local democracy. Why ignore local knowledge?
    • The proposal to fast-track"beautiful" development is a can-of-worms best left unopened. What might be a beautiful addition to a Stratford or Swindon street-scene might seem pretentious or monstrous in Sevenoaks Town or District. This "one size fits all" approach to beauty will not work.
    • Developers need to be obliged to pay a fair share of the wider costs resulting from their developments. Furthermore, the financial benefits of changes to land use should be shared by local communities. Payments toward infrastructure should continue to be made before they have to be spent - local councils should not be obliged to shoulder the risk of private developers without any of the reward.
    • Future developments in Sevenoaks District need to minimise reliance on cars, maximise green open space, and ensure adequate provision of affordable housing.
  • Richard Streatfeild at the Vine (Richard Streatfeild)
    Page: Oct 11, 2020

    Richard Streatfeild for Sevenoaks

    How do you do?
    How can I help you?
    I am asking because I would like to help make your lives better as your representative on Kent County Council from next May. Hard choices are being made now; harder ones lie ahead.
    So, I'm keen to understand what local issues concern you, your family, your livelihood, your health and our children's education.
    I want to work WITH YOU to fight for what you want and believe.

    Whether it's the lack of local testing in our fight against Covid 19, the appalling Special Educational Needs provision within our schools impacting every child, or the lack of action in saving our environment.

    Like many of us, I am so frustrated with today's politics. Those in power do not listen. Many social and educational policies divide us. There is no emphasis on fairness. Together we can change things for the better, but ONLY the Liberal Democrats can achieve this in Sevenoaks. The Liberal Democrats have a strong record of campaigning and achieving at a local level, across the country. We want to work with you - our citizens - to mend broken trust in the government.



    For the sake of our young people, to help Sevenoaks achieve zero carbon emissions, make our streets safer and increase green spaces in our Town.


    Which ensures everyone with symptoms can get a test and receive results within 24 hours. We must protect our most vulnerable and, at the same time, correct the serious underfunding in social care in Kent.


    And address the Special Educational Needs Provision which is so bad it has been placed under special measures. This lack of support impacts every child's education.



    The Issues

    Get Ready

    The KCC Elections are scheduled for May 2021. You can apply for a postal vote in as little as 5 minutes! Click here to download the Electoral Commission's application form, then for the Sevenoaks District return it to:

    Electoral Services,
    Council Offices,
    Argyle Road,
    TN13 1HG

    Get Involved

  • Gareth Willis
    Article: Sep 10, 2020
    By Gareth Willis

    Government should make laws, not break laws.

    In Parliament Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis admitted that planned Northern Ireland customs legislation "does break international law". A Conservative Government ready to break international law shows how its moral standards, and common sense, have vanished under Boris Johnson. Tearing up the UK's proud history of promoting the rule of law is destroying our reputation on the world stage. It shreds our ability to promote British values of rule of law and justice in the world.

  • /wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Tony-Clayton-226x300.png
    Article: Aug 17, 2020
    By Tony Clayton


    Liberal Democrats will stand up to abuse of power - and of statistics. The use of 'statistics' to adjust the grades of students shows how little the people in power understand numbers, and put their own prejudices above real people.

    You cannot use accumulated data about a whole group to make accurate predictions about a single individual within it. You can use statistics to predict what could happen to the average of the group - but that doesn't deal with individual people.

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